. Folliness Resources Important Folliness Resources. White text on black background with white ornaments in the corners. Check out these resources below. White text on a black background. Image of a hand icon pointing downwards. ‘Follies: An Architectural Journey’. A book by Rory Fraser. The Folly Fellowship. A UK charity dedicated “to preserve, protect and promote follies, grottoes and garden buildings”. The Follies Trust. A charity dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of Irish follies . Fabulous Follies... and Landscape Curiosities. A listing of UK follies. The Folly Flâneuse. A blog about follies and landscape buildings. Geocaching. An activity where you hunt for treasures and discover your
surroundings. The Keepers Project. Passion projects of art infused with folliness. HThe Marsden Archive. Spectacular photography featuring follies, ruins, statues and more. Atlas Obscura. A guide to the world’s hidden wonders. Not A Castle A blog about “the idea of castles” and buildings that aren’t castles but look like as if they were. Roadside America. Online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. Book: ‘Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations’ Author interview with Simon Sellars. 'Follies & Grottoes'. A book by Barbara Jones. (c) 2021 YW | youngw.ca | Legal Notes